100% inspection of waterproofness

DexShell waterproof socks and gloves are inspected piece by piece on the water pressure testing devices before packaging and despatching. Any faulty piece should be scrapped immediately if it fails to pass the test. The technical Porelle® waterproof barrier can stand with 10 psi equivalent to 7000 mm hydrostatic head.

Breathability index

The breathability is normally measured by the index of water vapour permeability (WVP) through the fabric under a certain testing setup. There are a number of testing standards and methods in the world for this specific property. The Porelle® membrane in DexShell socks can reach the breathability 10,000g/m2.day in compliance with ASTM E96 BW:1995.

Close fitting and Dexterous

Made under own patent pending technology, DexShell waterproof knitted socks exhibit two-way stretchable property to fit closely to the feet as that the usual outdoor socks do, even though there is a special layer of functional barrier sanwiched. DexShell waterproof knitted gloves are more dexterous and tactile than other types of waterproof sports gloves made by cut and sew technology, using the baggy inserts stitched inside as the waterproof barrier.

Thermal performance

Apart from using the high performance materials, DexShell socks are waterproof yet breathable so the spaces in the liners are full of air rather than moisture. The air provides the enhanced warm performance being a kind of inefficient heat transfer substance. However, we recommend to wear a pair of sock liners inside DexShell if you go to the extremely cold regions.The DexShell ThermFit gloves exhibit a certain level of thermal performance suitable for the use in the moderate cold environments. If you work or are active in very cold rain/snow weathers, please bear in mind the fundamental feature of the DexShell knitted gloves, rather than Warmth, is Waterproof with Dexterity to protect against frozen hurt that might happen with wet hands otherwise.